Bruce Ward Realty represents the owner in all transactions with the tenant, the strata, the building’s property management company, and with insurance companies in the event of a claim. Our experience in the Vancouver furnished rental market will save you thousands of dollars in missed opportunities, secure the value of your investment and increase your monthly cash flow.

Our Property Management Service Package:

  • Implement and manage the marketing of your suite
  • Handle all the legwork related to inquiries and showing the suite
  • Qualify prospective tenants and finalize leases on your behalf
  • Negotiate lease terms and renewals to client specifications and the BC Residential Tenancy Act
  • Collect and secure deposits and monthly payments in an audited trust account
  • Resolve rental property tenant concerns, inquiries and requests
  • Comprehensive move-in and move-out condition reports
  • Liaise with strata corporation
  • Handle tax issues for non-resident owners, insurance claims and other legal matters
  • Cleaning (between tenants)
  • Ongoing, periodic property inspections
  • Emergency service, general repairs and maintenance

At Bruce Ward Realty, our property managers are trained to be your second set of eyes and ears, ensuring that your furnished suite is managed like it were your own. We work in the best interest of our owners by not compromising their investment with ill-placed tenants.

Call (604) 684-8957 to learn more about how our property management services can help you make the most out of your investment.