Unless you are already working with a property management company, you will need to communicate with your tenants on a regular basis to ensure that their needs are met, and that your property is in good hands.

Managing communications with your tenants can easily become overwhelming, especially if you have multiple properties. Here is what you need to do as a landlord to communicate effectively with your tenants.

Meet Potential Tenants In Person

Some tenants feel comfortable signing a rental contract without ever meeting the landlord (or property manager) or viewing the property, but you should avoid this. There is no guarantee the references you have received from the potential tenants are valid. The best way to get a feel for whether a person is a good fit for your property is to meet them in person. We meet and do credit and reference checks on any tenant we place. Whether you make use of Bruce Ward Realty’s tenant placement service or full property management services you can be sure that the people living in your property have been deemed to be reliable tenants.

Give Them An Emergency Contact Number

It goes without saying, you need to supply tenants with your contact details but make sure they know how to contact you in the case of an emergency. Did you know, if an emergency repair is required and they can’t get hold of you, it is their legal right to arrange for the work to be completed at your cost. If you generally only speak via email Monday-Friday, make sure they have a phone number that they know they can contact you on in the event of an emergency. We supply tenants of properties we manage with a regular phone number and email address as well as an out-of-hours emergency number.

Use Email For Important Conversations

If you are having a dispute or a conversation that could lead to a dispute, it is important to document what is being said. Email is the best way to do this as you can track exactly who said what and when. If the conversations must be via phone, take note of what you discussed and keep your phone log to see the date and length of each call.

Use A Vancouver Property Management Company

Managing a rental property is a full-time job – which is why we offer property management services.

When you decide to work with a property management company, it is important to use one in the same area as your property. Bruce Ward Realty has over 30 years of Vancouver property management experience so we know the market very well and also know who to contact for local property maintenance and repairs.

Whether you’re interested in using our tenant placement services or full property management services, contact us today to find out how Bruce Ward Realty can take the stress out of tenant communications.